Alain comes from a Québécois folk family, where
in early childhood, through many beautiful animated and musical evenings, he
acquires a profound taste for music. At age five, listening on television to a
live concert given by the famous Gene Krupa and seeing himself in him, the dice
are played: he knows what he wants to do.

At the age of ten, he forms his first garage
band called “The Impossible” using every possible object from which he can draw
a sound.

Around the age of fifteen, he is part of a
standard quartet “The Lunatics,” quartet that is invited to perform at
weddings, private events and at many other opportunities.

At age twenty, he plays six to seven nights a
week in nightclubs, where he meets the well-known musician Roger Asselin who
introduces him to the Jazz Masters and with whom he begins a serious musical

In his early thirties, his career as a
musician evolves and leads him to play with American musicians such as Omer
Messa from the Mandrill group, Randy Bernsen from Weather Report, Peter Ponzul
who played with Jose Feliciano, to name a few from among many others. He also performs
on cruise ships, namely in Florida and in the Caribbean.

From his forties on, he comes back home to
play with a repertoire of excellent local musicians, however, allowing himself
short escapades in Thailand, in Hong Kong where many musicians ask him to joint
their group.

But nostalgia of the country brings him back home
where he continues his career. Throughout his musical journey, he has continued
to encourage young talents, opening them to the creativity of the present
moment. On a more personal note, Alain is a deeply human and spiritual man,
very generous in heart and mind, an inspiration for all those who have the
privilege of knowing him and being in his company.

These days, he is part of
a new and very promising project called «Moving Clouds.» The corresponding CD
is highly anticipated. And so the story continues.